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  • Even Fewer AMS Vendors and Options

    As we blogged last October, associations have fewer options resulting in higher prices and less flexibility. 

    This month a billion dollar funded entity announced a software deal that marries … more

  • Orchard 1.10 supports Layout & Snippets

    Snippet elements are elements dynamically discovered based on Razor views whose name follow a certain convention: Razor views that end with Snippet.cshtml are harvested as a Snippet element. For … more

  • Orchard 1.10 supports responsive iFrames

    Layout Snippets it's one of my favourites features of Orchard. Orchard 1.10 provides parameterizable snippets, that are more powerful. In this post, I will create a responsive iFrame parameterizable … more

  • AMS vendors continue to be gobbled up

    A major consolidation is underway

    Large players are entering the AMS market in a big way through heavy investment in established AMS vendors, effectivly providing them with a large user base.

    After … more